The U.N. design team, from left, front row: Randy Giraulo, Ziad Al-Kadri, Mackenzie Crone, Armin Kadic. Back row: John Gillespie, Martin Samaan, Marko Srdanovic, Matias Delfino, Claire Anholt, Parvati McPheeters, Nora Rosansky, Bandegini Rollosson. Source:


Did you know that United Nations has an in-house design team? 

Recently, I came across an article in Print magazine that sheds light on the Graphic Design Unit of the United Nations, possibly the coolest in-house group of creatives in the world. This team of 10 is creating work for a global audience with a level of exposure that most of us, creatives, can only dream about.

"The world looks to the U.N. for proposed solutions to complex problems nearly everywhere, from ending conflict and alleviating poverty to combating climate change and defending human rights. The issues on the U.N.’s agenda are manifold, and so are the resulting projects in its GDU’s portfolio. Whether creating the branding for a major international U.N. campaign in six languages or designing a simple brochure for one of its offices, the creative team aims to bring the organization’s message to life."

Indeed, this type of creative work proves once again that today designers carry a heavy responsibility to use their skill to communicate an important message across cultural boundaries and to help shape a positive future for people and the planet.  

Scroll through the collection of my picks and check out their Behance page. Enjoy!

By Ella Tsurkanu / posted 07.09.17 /